Friday, May 11, 2012

Flashback Friday

Holy cow, I'm tired.

Monday:  Pottery Class for the One and Two, Zumba for Mom, Childcare center play for Three and Four.  Bowling League, everyone went, plus THE Bestie's boy.  Two, Three and Four bowled.  I had to help Four.  It was fun.  Three had a t-ball game.  One had dance.

Tuesday:  One and Two took a class at the nuclear power plant, it was awesome.  I learned stuff too.  Three had a class at NC State University on amphibians.  We've attended three of these classes so far, and they are well done.  We both enjoy them, and it's something he and I do alone.


Thursday:  Preschool Co-Op, Three had another t-ball game.

Friday:   We spent all day out at the park for our homeschool group's field day.  It was a blast.

No wonder I'm tired.  ;)

We also did a lot of school.  I'll put up the pics on Sunday, but we got crafts completed, and worksheets done.  It was a good week!
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