Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Snapshots

Two, or so, weeks worth of stuff.

Roll-an-equation:  Roll the dice, put one number down as the first addend (or whatever types of equations you are working on,) another down as the second and then find the solution.

One of my favorite birthday pictures...he is giving his big brother big hugs and kisses for the stuffed meerkat that he gave him as a gift.

"All about 10" worksheet.  We've done five of these now, he likes them.

Using the number line I taped to his table.

For this sheet, I wrote equations with a sum that was 4, 5, 6 or 7.  Then I assigned a do-a-dot color to each sum.  He had to add the equation together and dot it with the color that matched it's sum.

I made these "jet packs."  They were a HIT!

We were playing bookstore...counting by 10's included.

Can I scoop my own ice cream?  Sure!

Our bluebird box has babies in it (although, they are not bluebirds.)  And, for the past week, this is the view whenever you walk by it.  Some HUNGRY babies!

A sure sign of summer...swimsuits adorn my bathroom (oh, and running shoes!)

On a recent trip to a GREAT park (these carousel pieces are at least a hundred years old, restored and put back on the ride!)

I led my first official Zumba class!!!  Wahoooo!  This is the first class I'm not just 'subbing,' it's MINE.  I looked like had just stepped out of the shower...I think that makes it a success.

I finally got around to making these.

A money game on the computer.

Upper-lower case letter matching spoons.  And, yes, he's in his underpants.

The Bestie gifted Four with some great independent school mats.  Here he is using one of them.

And here is his sister, Two, using another one.

We talked about temperature this week, and here is Four holding the thermometer in some ice water.

I ran a 5k with one of my really great friends on Saturday at the NC Zoo (which is incredibly hill-y!)  We both actually improved our most recent 5k times...hills don't slow us down!

Later on Saturday morning, the family and I returned to the zoo, here are Three and Four in the polar bear cave.  I have so many pictures of the kids in there...One and Two, and then One and Two and Three, and then all four of my kids.  Only Two, Three, and Four were with me...and Two is 5' 8" so I didn't force her in.   Next time when it's all of us though, I will make them climb in for ONE LAST picture of all of them in it.  Nostalgia.

Our zoo is currently running a great dinosaur exhibit with these robot dinos.  Four is obsessed with all things dino.  This is the 2nd time we've visited the exhibit.

This morning we headed out for a hike.  Here are Three, Four and our dog anxiously awaiting the hike.  

Three and Four playing in the creek bed.

The dog joining them...

I asked The Punk to get a picture of the three of us in the creek because "Mommy, will you come play with us?" almost never fails...I mean, in reality I was just looking for an excuse to strip myself of those shoes and get in the creek too...I hate this picture of me..but I share it anyway.

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