Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wordy Wednesday: On a Thursday

So, apparently yesterday I went through my whole day thinking it was Thursday.  Even my blog post was a normal Thursday post.  SMH.


For Wordy Wednesday I give you the genius that is posted over on Jen Hatmaker.  Worst End of the Year Mom EVER.

Now, I posted this on FB for all my friends to read, as I saw it in my feed posted by someone else.  I made a joke about this being one of the reasons I homeschool (because all of the requirements of GOING TO SCHOOL times FOUR...yeah, no thanks.)  It was half-joking, but based in truth.  I'm just too lazy to follow all those rules and meet all those requirements.  Now, we do fun projects and the like...but I assign them, so I get to know when they are due AND if our lives go haywire...I can postpone the due dates.  I'm just not up to snuff.  I'm having to be more diligent about this sort of thing with my older girls because they will both be college bound within 5 years time, and well...that whole changing the due date thing won't fly then.  (Or, they will simply tell their professors that they were homeschooled and their mom was a lazy heifer...I'm actually surprisingly cool with that.)  But lucky for me, the younger two are still gravy.  And we can do our required reading any time we want...poolside even.

Go read the link, and laugh.  I literally laughed out loud, and so heartily that I had tears in my eyes by the end.  I now love Jen Hatmaker.  TYVM.

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