Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Days!

We've had more snow this winter than we've had for many winters. We had several days two weeks ago where we were snowed in. Three was the most excited to have snow, he's been really wanting it for months now (yes, even before winter was here he wanted snow!)  However, after two days of it on the ground he was done. He asked "Will the snow be there tomorrow?"  I answered "Yes, but it should start to melt tomorrow. "  He then said "How long til summer?"

He'd rather swim, apparently. 

He isn't at all excited about our current storm. It's old news now, this snow stuff. It's just annoying. It cancels our activities, we can't get out of the house, it's really cramping our style. 

We aren't opting out of school because of the weather, if anything we're doing MORE because we're trapped inside.  We're looking at snowflakes and how they are ALL different. We're discussing the three states of matter (two of which are visible from my back porch!) and we're making valentines-yeah, I hadn't gotten around to that yet...thanks snow!

I hope whenever you are you are warm and dry and safe, and making the best of the weather you are experiencing!

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