Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Well, Hey!

Remeber me?  I bet you don't!  It's been so long again. My life has been flipped upside down (I'd like to take a minute...just sit right there... Wait, no?) and it's de-railed school entirely. I'm not really at liberty to discuss some of it because it's not MINE to discuss but we've been helping out with some family stuff (that's as far as I'll go with that,) contemplating becoming a foster family to a child we love who has found herself in a precarious situation, there has been a lot of family drama going on (not in the family who lives in our house, but close family nonetheless,) and lastly One decided she wanted to move out. That last one shattered me to my core and rendered me pretty useless to anyone and everyone. 

Now-One came home. So with all my pieces back in place, I've pulled my head out of my rear-end and school IS happening this week. I'm only truly concerned about Three. I know that realistically he isn't where he should be.  That's completely my fault. Well, a combo of the stuff going on, me not being consistent and Three loathing most things called "school." He can read, but if I had kept at it, he'd be much more proficient by now. He is adding and skip counting, but again, these skills could be more honed. 

I've been on it this morning though. I came out of the gates swinging. We will have an extra little being here today, so it's really now or never. Plus, One and I are going to get a manicure today (I'm going on a ladies weekend, and it's also US time.)  

It's 8:05 as I type this and we are one thing away from being done. That's right. Ya heard?  ;)  Reading, Language Arts, handwriting, social studies, all done!  Just math remains. Sweet!
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