Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunday snapshots

Lots of Lego building. 

This is myself, The Bestie, and The Lyonesse on the lawn at the Matt Nathanson concert. 

Here is Matt on stage. He pointed at us in the crowd, no joke!  We were the only people standing in our section (apparently everyone else was there to see Gavin Degraw...who was also very good, but WE were there because of Matt!) 

After the show we were first in line for a "meet and greet," and he hugged me!  Asked my name. And was just overall freaking adorable. Dimple. Nose-ring. Adorable. 

Spent time with cousins (this is Four with my sister's youngest.)

My sister's third with my One and Two. 

Something my children created. It's supposed to be a "mobile" and Four was being the baby. 

I've been cutting up shirts, this one is specifically for my Zumba convention!!

Lastly, Four left his beloved stuffed meerkat (technically, he has two stuffed meerkats) at the park because he didn't listen to me and leave him in the car.  After a couple weeks, reality that David Jr was REALLY gone and tearfully asking The Punk if "people can just find stuff laying around and take it home with them??" The Punk found him a replacement David Jr. He was super-excited , and Three just wanted to be in the pic. 

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