Monday, December 15, 2014

Manic Monday...

Just another manic Monday!

Our Elf on the Shelf brought doughnuts, the boys have been so pleased with the Elf this year, and I feel like it's one of the few years we have left of I'm trying to make it one of the best years ever.  So far, our Elf has:  pooped candy, had a war with the Clone Troopers, hidden Candy Canes for a scavenger hunt, and brought Christmas lego sets (a xmas tree and santa!)

If you're looking for some Elf ideas (because, truly, I am not that creative when it comes to this stuff...but I don't mind a little help from my "friends") here is my pinterest board.  I'm thinking our Elf will be attacked by the dinosaurs tonight (we have a ton of dinos.)

I'm off to make Three practice his reading (he's really struggling...while being lapped by his younger brother,) start some laundry then head to teach my Zumba class.  Send some positive thoughts up about this since I will be teaching without my knee brace.  I need to remember to take it easy on myself.  Then of course, we have TKD this afternoon.

Enjoy your day, may it be less manic than mine.
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