Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wordy Wednesday

5 ways you are unkowingly destroying your husband and killing your marriage

This post is inspired by this article.  Now, here is my disclaimer.  This article has a Christian slant.  I'm not a Christian, but I find many of their principles to hold true (just be good to's not that hard.)  So know, going in, that it comes from that perspective.  IMO it doesn't alter the value of the points.  Also, it applies to husbands as well as wives (and there is a disclaimer to point that out at the beginning.)  I will just add MY thoughts to the points, read them together. ;)

Point 1:  If you are constantly living above and beyond, it's a source of stress for EVERYONE in your household.   You are stressed.  Your spouse is stressed.  Your kids are stressed.  It's a trickle down effect.  Just stop.  If you are in a one-income household, living above your means will make your spouse feel inadequate, and that really will cut the legs out from under anyone and that's not something you should knowingly do to the person you have pledged to love and honor.  Now that you know, fix it.  

Point 2:  This applies not only to your marriage/relationship, but to ALL aspects of your life.   Life isn't happening TO you, it is REACTING to you.  What you think about, obsess about, bitch about...will multiply in your life.  Constant complaining only breeds more BAD.  Change your thought patterns.  I know that not everyone has an easy life.  Not everyone is having a great day, every day.  But, dwelling on how bad your life is, and how much you wish things were different isn't helping ANYONE.  And bitching about it....constantly, to anyone and everyone who will listen....isn't helping ANYONE either!  I'm not saying don't vent.  Especially to your significant other!  I'm saying don't make it the ONLY thing you have to say.

Point 3:  I see this ALL THE TIME.  I know you all love those little beasts that came out of your body.  And, Lord knows, I love mine too!  However, allowing them to take over is a HORRIFIC PLAN.  I'm not saying put them at the bottom of your list, but don't put them above your significant other.  Your 'other half' should be numero uno 95% of the time.  Now, not every waking minute needs to be about them either...but they should hold priority.  When they constantly feel like other things are more important to you, they will look for someone/something to make them feel like top dog.  That's just truth.

Point 4:  I can sum this up with one sentence:  Have sex with your spouse.   Even when you don't feel like it.  Physical closeness (like negativity) will work its way into other aspects of your daily life.  If you feel closer to your spouse, your communication will be better.  Petty things won't get on your nerves as much.  Like Nike, just do it.

Point 5:  True that.

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