Saturday, December 13, 2014

Sideways Saturday!

(This post is going to be a Two for Tuesday, Skinny Housewife, and Flashback Friday all rolled into one....Sideways Saturday Fo'Sho!)

Phew!  The weeks are just flying by.   Not to sound TOO cliche, but how is 2014 almost over??

We are doing well with schooling, I'm pleased with where the boys are.  One and I recently drew up a contract to help her get herself back on track (she asked for my help) and that's been going pretty beautifully.  Although, truthfully, we are just wrapping week 1 of using this new contract, so it's still in the 'honeymoon phase.'  However, after only one week, I can see a difference in her PHYSICAL behavior and she seems genuinely happier on the whole (She is dealing with depression, and I put in place some things that I was hopeful with help as she and I are both a little leery of medications.)

This month we've been learning about Christmas Around the World (different holiday traditions) as well as other holidays celebrated at this time of year.  In Kindergarten Co-Op this week, we covered Hanukkah (we did the menorah hand-print craft only I had the kids trace and cut their hands out of paper, and glue on paper flames because I didn't want to do paint!) and Kwanzaa (I was inspired by this, and each child made a chain with 3 red, 1 black, 3 green links, and we discussed the different principles celebrated during Kwanzaa as we went.)  For Early-Elem Co-Op, we are each working at home on a project board covering a different country and how they celebrate "Winter Holidays" and will all be making a food item from our country for a big Christmas Around the World party this coming week.  Our country is France, because my great-grandparents were french immigrants and I'm trying to hold on to our french heritage.

My job is going great, I teach 3 mornings a week and my ladies have asked for one more class.  I have to pitch the idea to my boss, so we'll see!  However, I injured my leg sometime before Thanksgiving, and am currently wearing a knee brace to assure that I don't bend it wrong (because it hurts like a BITCH when I do!) and I'm taking ibuprofen around the clock to get rid of the inflammation.  I've been braced for 3 days, and it really is helping a bunch.  I have 4 more classes to teach and then I'm on a 2 week holiday break.  I won't be running or dancing during that time, and am hopeful that by the time my schedule goes back to normal my knee will no longer be an issue.  I AM worried about gaining weight during this time though as all my normal cardio is what keeps my weight in check.  Seated cardio is way harder than you'd think.  I have a very hard time getting my heart rate up while NOT moving my legs.  However, I keep reminding myself that it could be SO MUCH WORSE, and I'll take this minor injury over something more major.

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