Friday, May 3, 2013

Flashback Friday: This week can kiss my rear!

Monday:  We had a flat tire on the way to pottery class.  It was not a great start to my week.  Luckily, we didn't have the boys with us because they were coughing and Four hadn't slept well the night before (he tends to have night terrors when he's not feeling well or over tired.)  And, it happened pretty close to our destination, so we were able to walk over to class and only be a few minutes late.  I then walked back and waited for the tow truck driver to come change my tire.  The rest of the afternoon went ok, I went to Monday night Zumba since I missed my morning class because of the tire.  Four needed a breathing treatment around 4pm on Monday afternoon.  He was running around playing and seeming normal, but something about his look (more pale, tired...I couldn't put my finger on it) made me suddenly pay attention to his breathing and sure enough, it was labored and shallow.  I thought all would be fine...this has happened before when he's gotten a cold, and 3 or 4 breathing treatments later all is good.  This was not the case this week.

Tuesday:  After being up all night doing 6 breathing treatments (spaced about 2 hours apart,) with no real success, I consulted with The Punk about the fact that we needed to do SOMETHING else.  We kicked around the idea of just heading to the ER, because from past experience I know what they are looking for and was confident that if we had gone there earlier, they would not have discharged us based on the results of the breathing treatments.  In the end, we decided I would just head to urgent care--it's just 2 miles from my house, and we've seen them before for breathing issues.  I headed there, after three more breathing treatments and a double dose of oral steroids, they couldn't get it under control either.  They were very concerned that he had been laboring this hard for nearly 20 hours, and that at some point his body (even though he is healthy in all other counts) would just "give out."  They didn't want to chance it that this might occur while I was driving him to the ER, or that his oxygen level would drop too low during the drive (we are 30 minutes from a hospital) so they requested ambulance transport.  We were taken to the pediatric ER-where we've been a half dozen times now for three out of four kids-and taken back immediately since they couldn't keep his oxygen level stabilized.  He had a nearly 2 hour breathing treatment, and still rebounded (retracting and oxygen level dip) almost immediately, that was when they made the decision about admitting him.  The doctor had mentioned that was a definite possibility almost as soon as we came in, and they've talked about admitting him every other time we've had to go the ER for this sort of issue, so I was no stranger to this sort of discussion.  He had to have his first IV, and while he cried a lot (they had to try twice, two different locations before they were successful) he was really a trooper!  Silver lining?  They wrapped his IV site with dinosaur patterned gauze tape.  He is dino crazy!  We spent the night there-one painfully long night.

Wednesday:  Late Wednesday afternoon we were discharged, I came home, had dinner and crashed having not slept in nearly three days (because of 1.  night terrors, 2.  up all night with a sick baby, 3. at the hospital-where no one sleeps, ever.)

Thursday:  Get up, make a trip to the grocery store because The Bestie's kids are on their way over.  The Bestie and her Hubs have been on a cruise and we were slated to keep her three kids for 2 nights.  Being the best Bestie evah, she is coming home a day early to take her kids back because even though I SAID it would be fine...she knows I'm exhausted and this week has been hell.  I love her.  The Bestie's kids arrive, and they were all super well behaved all day.  The only issue was Four being violent (hitting his brother with a chair, and biting him.)  But that actually blew over way faster than I expected.  I did have Three read one of his Bob as to not totally lose forward motion.  I also put up "lasers" in the hallway for the kids. They laughed and giggled and climbed....and then tore them all down.  It was a disappointment to me...but I'll get over it.

Friday:  I'm hoping to get a run in this morning, hopeful that it will give me an energy boost.  Then I'm leading the last kindergarten co-op of the year, and Three has his first T-ball game of the season!  I'm still tired, but I'll make it through, certainly.  :)

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