Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wordy Wednesday: Comments Requested

Eager learners is the subject of this post.  I have one child who is so EAGER to learn, and I'm exhausted.  The Bestie and I sort of broached this subject on Monday night, and we both concluded that it's because he's the fourth child that this is an issue.  We both did "school" with our oldest children nearly non-stop, we were capable of feeding that desire full time.  Now, I feel like I have too many other pulls on my time/attention to give him what he wants.  It's totally unfair to him.

Four will be 4 years old this weekend, and truly is probably the smartest of my brood.  I've said that for awhile, and my eldest is extremely gifted (lazy as hell, but completely brilliant.)  I could see a lot of similarities, from an early time and it scared the bejeezus out of me.  Now, here we are.  He's reading the first of the Bob books (his brother is on book 6, and I'm purposefully making Four go slow as not to overtake him...,) he recognizes a dozen or so sight words, mastered counting by 10's and 5's alongside his brother... and the kicker?  Constantly asks for MORE.

I have made an outline of what I'd like to cover with him, and aside from just being super organized and getting my self together, what can I do to make this easier for me, and better for him?

This is my outcry, to YOU, my village!!  Help me, help him.

I have three other kids, a high schooler, a middle schooler, and Three finishing up Kindergarten.  I have a husband, a house to run, and myself to take care of.  As well as a new job, that requires only a couple hours of "out of the house" work, but still requires my time to learn choreography and practice.  Balance.  I needs it.  Please comment HERE or on FB and give me your tips, tricks, suggestions, advice, empathy, sympathy, or just commiserate with me.

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