Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday snapshots

Four playing in some instant mashed potato flakes.  We practiced writing letters, then moved on to shapes.

After he was all done "writing,"  I filled a measuring cup with water and gave him a medicine syringe to suck the water from the cup and squirt into the flakes (giving it a new texture.)

Thanks Pinterest, we built a "marble run" out of cardboard tubes taped to the wall.  I used a wrapping paper tube, and two toilet paper tubes.  If you were more prepared, you could use a WHOLE lot more of them and make a more elaborate course.  We used pom pom's instead of marbles.  The boys liked it.  The Punk is pictured here, with Three and Four.

Silly glasses.

I spent a blissful Saturday in downtown at Artsplosure sans children.  I bought myself this nifty ear-cuff from one of the artist booths.  I love it.  I also bought a GREAT photo graph from BigWorldPhoto.  I bought "making memories" which is a couple in an acorn boat.  <3 br="" nbsp="">

Four making a tent.

Helping me bake banana bread and brownies.  He's wearing the towel to be his "apron" so he looks like "a real chef."

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