Monday, October 21, 2013

Manic Monday

Such a productive day.  Got up, practiced my Zumba routines for the new upcoming session of my class, did school work with Three, went to the grocery store ALONE (did you hear the angels singing?  I sure did!) came home and fed the boys lunch, did a little more school with Three and Four, then went to bowling league, stopped at the store for 1 thing I forgot (that I NEED for halloween costume finishing, so it was imperative,) came home and put the dinner in the oven, filled out 2 job applications, practiced some new Zumba routines, now I'm putting up a blog post and waiting to scarf down dinner--I'm STARVED--and head to Four's soccer game, followed by a movie watching party with a friend!  PHEW!  It's been a glorious day.  

Here's what the kids have been doing while I was filling out apps, dancing and now blogging...

Let's hope no one needs to use the potty any time soon.  *wink*

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