Monday, October 28, 2013

Manic Monday

I have danced so much today!  I did a half hour practice first thing this morning.  I did a 10 minute practice in my space before class, my hour class, and then they requested a few favorites so we danced for nearly 15 minutes OVER.  Almost 2 hours worth of dancing before 11 am!  Holy smokes.   I also made cupcakes (the very vanilla ones I've shared before, you can find them on the recipe link) this morning to go in a container I was giving back to a friend.  She brought the container when she made me paleo-doughnuts.  I kid you not.  Ahhhhmazing.  

We came home, I showered and we headed back out to meet some friends at the park.  We met and chatted while the kids all played...ahem, the big kids HUNG OUT.  They have informed me that they do not "play."  *eye roll*

I outlined a plan for One's school work.  They went on a week vacation with their bio-dad and now she's behind.  However, she is already trying to cram a full school year into six months so her work load is higher AND she only has 8 weeks left to finish so she can't just stretch it out.  Now, I just printed some of the freebies from TpT I shared yesterday, so that I can get to school with Three and Four.

I'm exhausted, and truth be told, I just want to lie down for an hour or so.

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