Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sideways Saturday (on a Sunday Morning...)

I know my posts have been all over the place, but whatevs.  It's life, it's chaotic and crazy (and I love it.)  I have a few minutes and I wanted to share a few things I'm downloading to help out with school stuff.  Enjoy these freebies from TpT!

Retelling Sticks--I can see these being really useful with Three right now.

Number Line Math Game--We are currently working on addition and subtraction with the number line.  This game has a space theme, and Three is all about any GAME to get his work done.

Witches Brew--this is a Halloween themed trail mix.  We won't be making it because a.) money is tight, and I don't have enough of these things just lying around to say "well, I'll only have to buy XY." and b.) Four couldn't eat it, and he has enough of that "Look everyone else gets this fun stuff, you get none." shit going on is his life already.  BUT--if you aren't dealing with either of those situations?  This is a cute, yummy way to get kids measuring in the kitchen with you (which I'm a huge proponent of.)

Pumpkin Seed Counting--this one has the numbers out of order, so they have to pay attention and really recognize the numbers.  We will be carving pumpkins today, so we will be counting some seeds this week (the few that I don't hoard and roast.)  I will most likely create my own sheet with higher numbers (this one only goes to 10.)

Dia De Los Muertos--create your own calavera bilingual worksheet.  Awesome!

There is also the idea of keeping all the candy wrappers (or using the actual candy) and making a graph of what you got.  We will be using Switch Witch this year (Four can't have the candy--allergies.  And Three gets what we refer to as "candy spots" which are really bad eczema flair ups because of food dye) so all the candy will be gone on the morning of Dia De Los Muertos.  Yay for me (it's SOOOO tempting to have it in the house.)

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