Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday Snapshots: love is...

Love is...searching thrift store racks for a newborn sized pj outfit for a stuffed animal. 

Love is...stitching a beloved monkey's head back on. 

Love is...pulling off the decoration of one of YOUR favorite headbands in order to convert it to a useable accessory for your child's Halloween costume. 

Love is...hand painting shoes (bright pink ones because that's the only color we could find in her size) YELLOW to match your child's Halloween costume. 

Love is....watching your kids do their thing! (Four blocking a goal, that's my little keeper!)

Love is....taking care of yourself and doing what you love (at the same time in my case!) 

Love is...a hammock near a bonfire. 

Love is....The Bestie and I hanging out in the back of her car, in a Walmart parking lot (because we are both on restrictive diets and weren't drinking either and would have felt rude sitting in a restaraunt and not ordering, AND this was my only free time this week--you do what you can!)

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