Monday, April 21, 2014

Manic Monday!

I will be teaching TWO Zumba classes on the Monday following Easter (read:  a sugar filled coma inducing holiday.)  It's one sure way to burn off all the crap I've consumed over the holiday weekend.

I wasn't THAT bad truthfully, since I only bought the kids candy without food dye in it, I've only eaten:  One Buckeye, about a half dozen jelly beans, a small slice of cake, and three butterfly gummies.  I went out on Good Friday with my sister though, and I drank quite a bit.  I also, however, danced for at least 2 hours of the time we were there and feel like that balances out the sugar/alcohol consumption.  Let me live in my fantasy people.

And just in case you are having a less than stellar Monday, following a LONG holiday weekend filled with sugar and dye and heavy foods:

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