Sunday, April 20, 2014

Snapshot Sunday

This is going to be jumbled and cover the course of a month-ish since I've been terrible about posting. 

First, this is a picture of me and a guy I LOVE.  A lot. Today is his birthday. This was taken last June (on MY birthday, and is one of only two pictures I possess where he isn't making an intentional weird face. It was his gift to me. 

A fantastic picture of my kiddos.  From right to left:  4,2,1,3. 

The boys helping make rice Krispy treats! 


Cleaning up spilled Krispies. 

One and Two's bio-dad got a puppy. Here he is with my giant old man....they wore each other out. 

Working on their "Around the World" unit study. 

One and I went to see Miley Cyrus as an early 16th birthday gift. 

The Easter Bunny visited. 

One helps Four with his Lego set. 

And lastly, and solely because there must be retribution for swiping your moms phone to take 100 selfies:  

 (I'm not sure why they are holding up magazines for this picture..that's One's newest Seventeen mag with Miley AKA HER QUEEN! on it, and Two with the special People issue with Kurt Cobain since she is currently all about Nirvana.)

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