Saturday, April 26, 2014

Sideways Saturday: Capirotada

Mexican Bread typically made for Lent.

We've begun our "Around the World" travels.  We started in North America (since this is the most familiar.)  We discussed our Easter traditions, as well as Mexican Easter traditions.  To wrap up our N. American studies we are making this bread.

Four was helping me with the syrup and you can see our toasted French bread cubes. It was yummy and liked by all (I did try it, although, only two bites--I'm mostly paleo, and this is bread and sugar. )

To cover Canada as part of our studies, we tasted some fantastic Canadian chocolates sent to me by a DEAR friend who lives on the West Coast of Canada. 

Three having a chocolate. Four is not a fan of chocolate, but he did try them too. 

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