Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sunday Snapshots

Four doing some reading. 

Three making some change for my purchases from his store. 

One and Four (my bookends) being goofy. 

Impromptu hand holding makes my heart melt. 

Three and Four on one of their fav rides at the state fair. 

From the bottom of the Ferris wheel. It was windy y'all, I was terrified. 

Laser tag. 

Military base they built together. 

Being a real scientist. Our museum is AHHHHHHMAZING. 

One and Two on Halloween. They hung out with my mom, and their cousin and passed out candy.  One did all the make-up. 

Four playing a video game at the "fun park."

Boozy-maple-bourbon shake.... red robin, get there ASAP 

This is what it looks like when you have two tired dirty little boys. 

Legos rule. 

16 yr old snuggles. 

My children love to steal my phone for selfies: 

Christmas list making outtake!  *these kids make me laugh*

Friday night we attended a rave for a 5 yr old friend's birthday. Here is Three with half a dozen glow sticks as an eye-mask. 

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