Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wordy Wednesday: Kindness and Service

In the last 48  hours these posts by others have crossed my path.  I am always looking for ways to show my kids an example of kindness to others.  I am always reminding them to be kind to each other (and let's just be honest, sometimes it's REALLY hard to be kind to your siblings.)  I was thinking about ways of helping them "get it" this year during the upcoming holiday season.  24 Acts of Service has some great SIMPLE (I need simple, I can be honest) ideas for servicing others and showing kindness to random people.  I love it.  I needed it.  It may help get your own wheels turning about other things too.

The 2nd article is a Harvard study about raising nice kids (did the title give it away??) and has some things to try if you feel like you need help in those areas.  Enjoy!

24 Acts of Service

Are You Raising Nice Kids?
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