Thursday, January 22, 2015

Lazy Housewife: Crock pot

Almost a year ago, I broke our crock pot.  I cracked the porcelain crock that was in it.  Our schedule is getting crazier (I just joined 2 other homeschool groups and am really trying to be active. PLUS I now teach 4 classes a week, and have to keep the house clean and COOK??  Ain't nobody got time for that.)

We renewed our membership to BJ's (think Sam's Club and Costco) and as we were walking along to aisles to purchase ALL THE THINGS...I saw this:

6 quart iStir  (And just FYI....that's not an affiliate link, I just really like the product that I'm pimping out.)

Yes, ladies and gents of the interwebs, it STIRS itself.  I want it.  You know you can throw all the things in the pot for a stew or a chili, but if you don't stir it that outside edge gets crusty and goopy and you have bits stuck to the it sort of defeats the purpose of the damned thing doing ALL the cooking for me if I have to remember to stir it every so often (c'mon this is the LAZY housewife post....) soooo voila!  I can be gone all day and my chili will still be stirred?  Yes please.

I'm not even kidding.

I need this in my life.  Universe?  Make it so!

Here is a link to my Pinterest Board on Crock Pot Meals, as a bonus!
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