Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wordy Wednesday

I haven't been able to find a topic that I feel really strongly about to post about this week. Weird, right??

I'm going to just post something brief about how you should be living every day to its very fullest. Don't let life pass you by, and whatnot. ;)

Think about it that way. It's the honest truth. Those seconds, moments...that you didn't take advantage of today?  You don't get back. And, while I haven't BEEN on my death bed, I imagine you will recollect on lots of lost moments in those last few.  

Whatever it is you're thinking about, wishing for, hoping will happen...go out and make it SO. Take that first step towards whatever it is you want. Set a new goal and make yourself work towards it every single Damned day. You won't regret it. <3

So it was wordier than I anticipated. Sue me. 
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