Monday, January 26, 2015

Manic Monday

Manic Monday's are back. Oh Joy!

I teach two classes from 9:30-12. It takes us 35 minutes to drive home. Putting us home around 12:45 (because I rarely get out of the building before 12:10.) Leaving us 30 minutes to eat lunch and change for Taekwondo. Did I smoke some crack before I ok'd this move??  Maybe I did. 

It's ok. I just need to get more prepared. Today I was scrambling to try to figure out what to feed Three and Four and myself before we headed out the door again. This choice also means that I don't get my very well deserved shower after class. That's what I'm missing the most so far. 

Tomorrow is our first Lego Club meeting and I'm super excited. I mean, the boys, the boys are super excited.  It's immediately following my class, so again, I need to prepare!  Pack snacks and lunch, etc. 

Wednesday we get back to co-op (we've only been once since our holiday break) and I'm ready to see my friends...oh and let the boys learn stuff, whatever. 

Thursday:  a whole lot of nothing. 

Friday I teach again, and I'm HOPING we can make it to park day with our homeschool group. But we may sit it out because I'm a wuss about the cold. 

Enjoy your week!
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