Saturday, February 7, 2015

Sideways Saturday: Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a week away, and I'm in planning mode.  The Bestie will have all 4 kids the night before for her middlest daughter's birthday sleepover (you should read that:  I get to sleep in and have nookie as loud as I'd like on Valentine's morn...) but when they return, we are going to do a Family Valentine's Night.  A special dinner, and family games.

I posted to my birth board group and one of the mom's there (J) said that a few years back she made every one of her guys (she's the mom of 4 boys, plus the hubs) their own personal dinner!  They each got their favorite food.  She says they still talk about it.  I'm all in.  I LOVE this idea so hard.  I'm making out the grocery list, and mentally preparing to cook 5 separate dinners on one evening.  I got this.  

Our dinner will consist of:

One's favorite:  Green Bean Casserole.  Yep.  Just that.
Two's favorite:  Bourbon Chicken over mashed potatoes
Three's favorite:  Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and corn on the cob
Four's favorite:  Spaghetti (this is my fav too.)
The Punk's favorite:  Ribeye w/sweet potato.

It won't be that hard to pull off, and I'm happy that the mashed potatoes and spaghetti will be double duty.  I intend to make a meatloaf "cupcake" for Three, since he'll be the only one having that.  Green Bean casserole is my 2nd favorite thing to eat, so I'll just make a standard size serving of that and we'll share (The Punk really likes it too.)

For an afternoon snack, we will be making a batch of heart shaped soft pretzels.  I will be making the dough (she has a recipe link in the post to make your own.)

And for dessert:  Easy Heart Shaped Cake

I saw a V-day idea where she put together a photo album except it wasn't pictures it was 1 date a month for her and her partner.  Each month had a date plan sealed in an envelope.  I love this idea, and I can easily pull that together in the next week.  Swing on over to my "Marriage" pinterest board or just google "date ideas" if you need some ideas to fill those envelopes.

Here is a link to my Valentine's Day board, so you can look at other ideas that I like!
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