Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wordy Wednesday

Last week, I was asked why I homeschool. By a complete and total stranger.

It went like this:

Me:  well, my oldest is...well, she's different. Always has been and I just never thought a traditional school would be a good fit for her.  Then, when the other kids came, I figured why send them if I was going to be home with her anyway?

The stranger:  Is she really shy?

Me:  No, actually, she's quite outgoing.

The stranger:  That's a real concern though, for homeschool kids.

Me:  My kids do just fine in public.  In fact, people often don't realize they are homeschooled at all.

The stranger:   Oh.  That's great.

(thinking--Me:  Well, thanks for your approval.)

Me:  Thanks.

The stranger:  What do you think the most important thing to teach your kids is?

Me:  Honestly?  My top 3 would be:  basic math skills, reading and comprehension, and HOW TO LEARN.  That last one is KEY.  Because you know what?  As an adult I still run into things that I don't know or understand.  BUT...I am capable of looking up information and reading and LEARNING.  I think that is the biggest thing to know.

The stranger:  That's a really good point (Me, again thinking:  thanks for your approval.)  I don't think they do a good job of that in public school.

Me:  Me either.  (Thinking...I just won.)

I read this yesterday, and I just need to say everyone should read it, and I heart Mike Rowe.

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