Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday Snapshots

There was piggy bank emptying. 

This is what they bought with their piggy bank funds. They had to count it out. And pay themselves. 

Food chain cut and paste (after watching Magic School Bus Gets Eaten.)

We got to see 2 cows at CFA family night, AND they got ice dream. 

Hibernation vs migration activity at co-op. 

A new minecraft lego set from The Bestie for Three's recent birthday. We were all working on putting it together. 

Four and I attended Family WOD at Cross fit.  This is post workout. He was a total rockstar. 

Here he is holding his board. He did all of it!

We decided to put the boy's bunk beds back together which involved loving most of the contents of their room to OUR room....and then back. 

A hard Mike's Blood Orange that I earned by working to organize the boy's room all afternoon. 

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