Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Two for Tuesday

This week we are talking about animals that hibernate, and I'm throwing in a lesson about migration.  We will be doing this activity at co-op this week for the kindergartners.   I think it will go well with what they've been covering (animal adaptations) AND with what we've been covering at home (carnivore/omnivore/herbivore...and the food chain.)

I'm either leading or co-leading every co-op for Three or Four from now until the end of the year, so I did some other planning as well.  February I'm leading the K co-op, but most of the subjects are easily adapatable to older/wider age ranges.

President's Day the age range on this pack is K-3rd.  I'll be using a couple of the sheets for co-op and most of the others at home on our own.

You'll notice that both of today's links are TeachersPayTeachers links.  I really can't say enough good things about this website.  I LOVE it.  There are a ton of great FREE things (like the links I've shared today) but there are also LOADS of great packs for just a few bucks.  I've bought several things from there, and I've loved all of them.  So, while you're checking out these things...look around.  Search any subject you are studying.  Narrow it by grade.  It's amazing!

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