Monday, February 16, 2015

Manic Monday

Argh!  This weekend just got away with me. I was sick ALL day Saturday, like...couldn't get out of bed sick. So yesterday we had a "mock" Valentine's Day dinner. Remember the great dinner plans I mentioned?  And that cake I was going to bake?  Those things happened. Just belated. Luckily, my kids were really understanding about the whole thing. Two had a virus on Thursday/Friday and judging by symptomology she passed that a long to me. Nausea, intense headache, dizzy, weak, chills and sweating. It was a party up in here. The upside(s)?  No puking and it was a quick mover..about 24 hrs. 

I did manage to pull together our V-Day celebrations together but it took all my strength. Hoping a good nights sleep is going to give me what I need to get through my classes this morning. 

Here are our pics from last week (since I crashed hard last night and didn't get up our Sunday Snapshots.)

Ninjas dancing "gangnam style"

Making out Valentines for their co-op friends

Making a species card in one of the amazing lab facilities that our science museum has to offer. 

Trying to get a pic of them before we went to the theater last week. 

Outside the theater (this was Four's shot set-up)

Man down, man down!  (I don't make a habit of snapping pics of my kids sick..but The Bestie's middlest daughter's birthday party was roughly 24 hours of the time of this pic, and I used it to tell The Bestie why we would be unable to come.). She slept off and on, on the couch where her brothers were being loud, for 6 hours. It was a rough virus, this one. 

I got this great hand made hat from a Canadian friend this week. Can't wait to wear it this morning.

Valentine's candy heart experiments. (Four leaned back right as I snapped the shot, and I never have claimed to be a good there you have it.) 

A lego creation from the mind of Three:

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