Thursday, September 27, 2007

Baby school, and other miscellaneous ramblings

What do you do with a VERY active 8 1/2 month old while doing school with your older kids?

Reading about Fall:

Cheerio Fun

The current favorite activity, crinkling paper!

***Editing to add a couple more pictures I forgot I had***
What do you mean this isn't how I'm "supposed" to work the puzzle?

Working in the shadows of big sisters.

This is "Baby school" at our house. I don't have photos of the other things we do, but they include: Dancing and singing, saying nursery rhymes, listening to Spanish, playing in the water, playing chase (another favorite), tickling, talking about animals, and learning new baby signs. Today I bought him some of his own "school" boxes. He likes to pull the girls boxes off the shelves while they work, so I got him some of his own, and I'll just rotate the activities in there for him.

I'm working on creating science materials this week. I'm putting together a set of planets for the flannel board I'm going to make over the weekend. I also plan on making a flannel skeleton, but not until next month when I work on science materials. I printed all my planet coloring pages from If you haven't joined there (it's free) I HIGHLY recommend it. Most of the worksheets are too young for us now, but there are still things I use from there-like the cut-outs, murals, and fact files. So you'll get lots of use out of it for YEARS. Enjoy. I got MOST of my social studies materials completed last week, and now I'm on to science!

Tomorrow is our Girl Scout meeting, I'm pretty ready, I just have to go to the store tomorrow to pick up some things that we need. We'll be planting some seeds, and making a blanket for a community service project. I'm up to 8 girls in my group, which is very exciting.

We've had a crazy week with doctor's appts. and illness. The baby didn't get over his cold until Monday! Sheesh. Then on Tuesday he had an appt with the dermatologist, who referred us to a specialist at the college here. On Tuesday afternoon my youngest DD started complaining about stomach pain. It was so bad she didn't sleep much, and finally I took her in to see the doc yesterday afternoon. We were concerned about appendicitus, but it turned out to be a really bad stomach bug that was only causing stomach spasms (no nausea or anything, just pain). The doc (I LOVE our doc) recommended some meds, and she was able to sleep and woke up feeling better. Yippee! **Editing to add** My pediatrician called me at 9:30 last night, the actual pediatrician too (her nurse called to check on her yesterday), to tell me that she had sent the strep test she did off to a different lab because she just felt like it WAS strep. She did the in office test, which came back negative. The second test result was positive! So she does have strep. Ick. That's twice in just about a year. Sigh. As soon as the pharmacy opens, I'm going to get her meds, I would have gone last night to the 24 hour one, but my DH is out of town and the children were all asleep when she I couldn't really run to get it. Keep her in your thoughts please. Even though she seems to be feeling better, she's still obviously battling a nasty bug.

We're getting ready to do lots of fun fall things that I'll be sharing! Fall is my favorite season, so I'm very excited to do things. We'll be going to a farm soon, and I can't wait for all the great pics to come from that!

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