Monday, September 17, 2007

Not a great start to our week

We're having a sick day today. Not because either of my girls are sick (knock on wood they won't get it) but both myself and the littlest are sick. He's been sick since Thursday night, when he woke up very congested and just had a miserable night. We're going in to see the doc this morning because it's just been so many days, and he doesn't really seem ANY better yet, and today he's been rubbing at his ear. The ear rubbing may mean nothing, since he just cut his seventh tooth as well (yes, cold and teething...fabulous mixture) and he often rubs at his ears-from the jaw pain-when he's getting a new tooth. BUT I figure better safe than sorry. I can choose to believe it's just the tooth, and then be awoken in the middle of the night by a feverish unhappy boy who has an ear infection, or I can just go have the doctor look. I choose the latter.

Today is the start of our bowling league season as well. Only my middle child participates, the older hates to bowl. I don't know if I'll be taking her or if my hubby (who is working from home today to help take care of me, and the baby, and the house, so I can rest more) will take her, but she's very excited to go!

This week I'm working on making some more social studies materials. I'm going to cut up some cheap map placemats for some sort of matching game (I also plan to make a flannel board set from them...but don't know that I'll get to that this week.) I'm going to make some more of the state flags cards we've been using that the kids really like. Let me share that site with you all while I'm thinking about it: What I've been doing is printing out the flag information sheet, coloring the flag in myself (WHY? Because I'm a neurotic perfectionist and I NEED them to be pretty!), then cutting the sheet apart and putting the flag on one side and the info on the other side. I'm also planning on doing a very similar project with the state outlines, and the state capital and other state facts on the back of the outlines. Hoping to get at least a few of these done this week. We're working through all 50 states, in alphabetical order, and I'd like to have at least half done soon. We'll see how quickly we all feel better. Oh, a note from the neurotic perfectionist here--some of the flags are a smaller size, so I cut them out and glued them to a piece of cardstock that was cut to the same size as the others so that they all matched in size. neurotic.

The weather is so beautiful here, and it's slated to be in the upper 70's/low 80's all week! So, we may get NO school done and just get outside (although, lots of learning will happen out there too).

On an outside note, in last weeks "This all counts as school, right?" post I mentioned that my girls had captured a grasshopper that day. WELL, WELL, WELL! yesterday my younger dd was looking at him (yes still in his far too tiny enclosure, poor thing) and noticed what looked like a grasshopper skeleton in there with him! I had no idea grasshoppers molted! I guess it makes sense, they need to grow, but hadn't occurred to me. So, we looked that up right away (ahh the wonder that is the internet), we also found that there are two kinds of grasshoppers-long horned, and short horned, and I asked the girls to tell me if they could figure out which ours was, they successfully identified it as being a long-horned grasshopper. And, then we let him go. I am actualy happy they kept him for so many days, since we got to see his exoskeleton! But, I was happy they let him go as well, jump Larry jump!

See, learning does happen all the time.

Off to get myself dressed for the doctor. I'll post more later in the week as I get my projects done! Happy homeschooling all.

OH, and hey! I finally have the comments working right, so let me know you stopped by! :-)
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