Thursday, September 13, 2007

Two, Two, Two blogs in one day!

I am revisiting my blog because I have two more minutes while my baby naps and I wait for the water to boil for my potatoes, and I just need to get this out there.

My mom called me this afternoon, with a request. Make some materials for one of my nephews to learn his multiplication tables. He doesn't know how to multiply or divide. He is 17. He informed me about a week and a half ago that he couldn't accomplish these tasks which my 9 yr old daughter can do (at least the multiplication, and simplest division). I was shocked! How do you NOT KNOW HOW to multiply and divide??? He was in public school until he was 15 1/2, when he decided he wasn't going anymore and my sister (grumble grumble groan) decided he could be "homeschooled" which apparently meant do nothing all day? Anyway, that's beside the point. HOW did he get to 8th grade with no one noticing that he couldn't multiply??? WHY did they keep passing him??? WHAT am I going to do to help???

It is very frustrating for him as he is trying to get his life on track (he's had a troubled youth). He's attempting to get his GED so he can take some college level classes and get a decent job to better his life. He's really a good kid, he just has had some hard knocks.

So, now I go about the task of teaching a 17 yr old multiplication and division.

Oh, Kate, I tried to make it so people could comment! Maybe I did it right?
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