Sunday, September 30, 2007

Our New Felt Board

Here is the felt board I made yesterday. I'm so excited about it. It was totally simple to make. If you've been thinking about making one, and haven't, I highly recommend just doing it! It took...MAYBE 10 minutes? I bought a precut piece of felt at Micheals, for $3 (it's 3ftx3ft). I bought a wooden dowel to hang it from (that was .49). We already had those hooks up from an advent calendar we hang there at Christmas. This is the end piece of my kitchen countertop (talk about good use of space??), and I figure I can take the felt down anytime I want and just roll it up to store. All I did was fold the felt over the dowel, mark where I needed to "notch" it for the hooks, and cut slits. I glued down the fold over, and DONE. These are the cutouts on the board (I just laminated them, and backed them with felt). My daughter is currently playing with from behind me I hear "a meteor is headed for Earth...ahhhhh" :-)

I also printed out some GREAT phases of the moon cards, and a labeling worksheet for when we are covering the moon! I joined this yahoogroup called montessorimakers. It is awesome. I highly recommend you check it out if you are at all interested in Montessori materials. They divide up the material making by subject (like this past week has been science, hence what I've been working on), in a Flylady system. I've been getting a lot of new materials made this way. Next week is Practical life, Sensorial, Art and Music. I have some art cards to make, and I'm going to make "sound jars" and "smell jars". And, who knows what else I might get around to! I got all my science stuff done though (well, I still need to felt Jupiter and Saturn-they are big-and in pieces, so I didn't get them done yesterday).

I'm off to the grocery store, and then to enjoy the day with my family! My DH has been gone since Thursday afternoon, and I'm so excited he's home.

Have a great day!
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