Thursday, September 13, 2007

This all counts as school, right??

Soooo today, I've been trying to get my act together for our first Girl Scout Meeting of the year! I have a ton of stuff to do, including the cutting of 60 nametags out of cardstock for all the girls in our troop (YES, we have 60 girls in our entirely homeschooled troop, isn't that awesome??). Well, I'm not even done with that yet! Plus I had to finish up my own stuff, for my Daisy girls. I'm done with that, except for packing my bag of stuff I need during the meeting, everything is ready. I just have to finish nametags, and decorate my lanyard so I can make everyone jealous that mine is all done. Anyway, these lanyards didn't come with a ring on the end that would allow us to actually add a nametag. I, of course, didn't realize this until after they were here. SO, today I needed to go get split rings so that we could add the nametags to the ring on the lanyards. This involved a trip to Michaels with all 3 children in tow, something I try not to do, ever. The girls of course wanted to go to Cold Stone since there is one in the shopping center with Micheals so we made a deal that they could have it IF they would pay for it themselves. They happily obliged. I got my Montessori-inspired weight bottles made this morning before we left and actually put them out on the table before we left, waiting for them to be discovered. They were when got home: "What are these for Mom?" I explained that they should order them by weight. They did it quickly. Then, they needed to look up what grasshoppers eat, because they have captured a grasshopper in our bug-house thing. They are really enjoying me quizzing them with pictures of the state flags (I hold up the flag, they answer what state the flag is from, what the capital of that state is, and one 'fun fact' about the flag itself, or the state) so we played with those too.

Math-money, they had to count out money from their piggy banks, they had to figure out how many dollars to give the lady at the ice cream place, and make sure their change was correct.
Science-grasshoppers are herbivores!
Science/Math-the weight bottles
Reading-grasshoppers are herbivores!
Geography/Social Studies-state flag game
Gross Motor Skills-jumping over those big balls out in front of Target counts right?

This all counts as school, right?

I sure hope so, because I have 24 more nametags to cut, and I'm not sure how much "real school" I can fit in before Monday.