Saturday, June 12, 2010

Baby Birds

(I'm typing this fast....Four is cutting molars, and he's actually playing happily so I thought I'd try to get these up! Please excuse any grammatical, spelling or capitalization errors made in my haste.)

We have been so fortunate this year that a set (or maybe it's been 2 sets) of Sparrows have given us 2 clutches in our bluebird box (that'll show those bluebirds who is boss!) AND, a barn swallow has nested in an existing nest on our front porch above a pillar. This has been SO MUCH fun.

Baby house sparrow's!

This is a barn swallow egg, found on our porch on 6-3, the same day we could hear them cheeping!

AND, how SWEET is this shot!! There are 4 baby barn swallow heads appearing over the edge of the nest. They were waiting for mama to come feed them. I'm pretty sure there are 5 babies up there...but only see 4 heads here.

The sparrow babies are now flying and we get to watch them come in and out of the box and watch mama and daddy hover close by. Amazing.

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