Wednesday, June 16, 2010

PRESCHOOL: Spring crafts and Field Trips

Field Trip to the Farm:

Planting a watermelon (FAVORITE FOOD) seed! He was so excited when Farmer Fred offered this option.

Farmer Fred cranking the tractor to take us on a hayride through the fields. We got to try squash and brocolli straight from the field!
Feeding some picky goats!

Brushing a horse, who was funnily enough named "Bubba" (which is what we call Four.)
Another planting, this one is a flower planted with our neighbors.

These are foam flower stickers. We are working on counting objects to 5 (you could alter for whatever number or color you are working on.) There are 5 flowers, we counted them as we stuck them. Then we counted them again (and worked on pre-writing skills) as we added stems.

A is for Ant craft: Cardboard egg carton segment, paint, pipe cleaners.

Field trip to the fire station (Three has serious hero worship.)

Tractor (we weren't working on anything specific here, he just wanted to make a tractor!

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