Thursday, June 17, 2010

PRESCHOOL: Field Trip to the Mill

Storytime @ the mill was the story of The Little Red Hen, then the kids made a headband.

Then they went outside to "plant" (they really just dug up the dirt, but they enjoyed it!)

They ground some wheat:

Then we toured the actual mill, which is over 300 years old. I took a picture in there, but it was blurry. After that they did a second craft, which I didn't get a pic of because by this time Four was pretty sure he no longer wanted to be in the wrap and I couldn't do anything but chase him around the room. After the craft, we went out to the lobby where there was a dress up center. Here is Farmer Three. :) (You see Four in the background trying to destroy the mirror...wonder why we call him the jabberwocky?)

I got to snap a picture before Four ripped the hat off his head (but you can see him reaching for it already!)

Sisters getting in on the dress up action, One.

And, Two.

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