Wednesday, June 30, 2010

One turns twelve!

One celebrated her 12th birthday this month. On your birthday, in our home, you get to choose breakfast. One chose ice cream, and boy did her siblings appreciate it! LOL

Three asked her to add the brocolli to her bowl...a nice touch


Hubby picked up these MAC DADDY cupcakes from Whole were they decadent. It took 4 of us, 3 days to eat 4 of them! LOL They were YUMMYLICIOUS, but they were so super rich that you could only eat about 1/4 of one at a time!

She wanted to eat it with no's your birthday, go for it.

She requested a "Queen of Hearts" party (which was 10 days after her actual birth date), since seeing Alice In Wonderland she's been pretty obsessed with the red queen. :)

Decorations (this was by far the cheapest party we've ever thrown....the decorations cost me less than $10):

I made these for each of the 4 suits, they all had a picture of her as the "queen" in the middle, and were surrounded by all the other cards of that suit.

The wreath...I got this from another blog, and LOVED it. It turned out great. One helped make it.

Her cake.

And, my very own red queen. :)

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