Friday, June 22, 2012

Flashback Friday

This week has been fun!

Monday was the girls last pottery class, and Three and Four spent that time at the park with Ms. Linda (the childcare lady at the community center.)  Two didn't attend the last pottery class because of a mystery rash (we're thinking Fifth's disease, but possibly just poison oak.  *shrug*)  One and Two have spent the week with their dad...which is a blessing and a curse.  I miss them, of course, but I don't miss the fighting and constant bickering.  Monday evening, my mother-in-law made an impromptu stop over on her way back home from a trip up north.  The boys were so happy to see her!

Tuesday morning we spent with Grandma, since she was leaving in the afternoon.  The morning consisted of doughnuts, and thrift store shopping.  :)

Wednesday morning was spent with friends I hadn't seen in awhile for some backyard play.  The boys played in the wading pool, with water guns and on the slip-n-slide.  It was a blast!  They came home worn out.  I like it.

Thursday we were spending the day at home, so I decided to do something fun for the boys from my "Summer Fun" collection.  I taped paper streamers back and forth across our hallway for "spy training."  My boys like all things better if they think they are "training."  Jedi training, ninja training...spy training!  They absolutely LOVED this activity.  They played for a long time, just going back and forth, coming up with new ways to navigate the maze.  It was fun to watch.  They didn't want me to take it down, so our hallway was blocked for several hours.  Three was impressed with mom and dad's spy skills, too, since we had to navigate the "lasers" as well.  Three has already asked if I can do this for them again.  :)  A neighbor came to play for awhile, and then Three went to his house and played in the slip-n-slide for awhile, and he later joined The Punk, Three and Four at the pool with his dad.

Today, Three and I ran to the store for some supplies.  For today, we NEEDED paintbrushes.  I had told them we would make some sidewalk paint, but all our brushes are small.  We made a trip to the dollar store, and I got a 4 pack of good sized brushes for $1.  We mixed up the paint, and had a great time painting.

DIY Sidewalk paint

While we were there, I picked up some supplies for other things:  Sponge balls.  "Moon Sand."  Fly Swatters to use to paint.  Glow sticks for a glowing bath, AND maybe some glowing bubbles (they are usually asleep before it's dark...but maybe on the 4th of July.

Tomorrow we will be shopping for new bunk beds for the boys. Yay!!

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