Thursday, June 7, 2012

Skinny Housewife

The season of fresh veggies is upon us!

For Sunday dinner this week, I made 3 things.  I'm going to post a link to each one.

Summer Vegetable Casserole;  This blog has the cost breakdown.  For me, this casserole was nearly free since we got all the veggies from the garden (my next door neighbor has a small garden, but it still produces more veggies than just their family can eat!)  I left out the tomato, because we don't have any ready from the garden yet, although, I can see why it needed it for the moisture.  It was a tad dry, and the potato was slightly underdone...both would have been remedied by the added moisture of a tomato in there I think.  I look forward to making it again in a month or so, when we have fresh tomatoes too!  Overall:  One and I were the only people in our house who ate this.  The Punk, Two, and Three don't care for squash or zucchini, and I made it with a cheese that Four can't have...  One and I both loved it though.

Pioneer Woman Green Beans are the very best green beans I've ever eaten.  Tru dat.  I made these back in January (with frozen green beans) when my MIL and SIL were here.  The last night that SIL was here The Punk asked her to choose what she wanted for dinner....I had already made the green beans three days prior, but it was the ONE thing she REALLY wanted with dinner before she left.  They are just that good.  As I said, I've made them with frozen beans, they are way better with fresh, but you work with what you have, and they are still fantastic.  I've never added the red pepper, and I've made it with both fresh onion, frozen chopped onion and dried onions.  This is a FOUR star recipe in our house.

Grilled Island Chicken this was a first time recipe (as was the casserole) and it was simple to throw together.  I let it marinate while we went to the pool.  It was yummy, everyone ate it, and no-one complained.  :)

Today, I'm going to do this "Dirty Thirty Workout" and an additional challenge that my birth board weigh loss group is doing.  Recently, I've run into several people who I haven't seen in at least 3 months, and all of them have said things like "You look amazing."  "You're really slimming down!"  "What are you DOING to look like this?"  It's a big confidence boost, but honestly,  I'm really working hard at it.  I'm proud of my body, and I feel sexy....for the first time in YEARS.  You can do it, too.  I promise.

Now, my phone just reminded me that Four has his 3yr well check and we need to leave in an hour....then we're going to head out to the farmers market because Three has been asking to go (it's mostly for the cookies...but he likes to pick out veggies too.)  Have a great day!

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