Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Two For Tuesday

30 for 30 Challenge  Funny enough, I have been working on my schedule and was including "PLAY WITH boys" on my schedule, because I'm so guilty of doing other things WHILE they play, but not really engaging in the play with them.  I even spent 30 minutes outside with Three while Four is sleeping today and came in and wanted to look for something on Pinterest (time suck anyone?) and saw this pinned by someone else, and it fit so perfectly with what I'm working on.  SOOOO,  I decided it should be shared.   I'll try to blog each day about what we did during our 30.

75 Kid Activities  Summer Fun!

30 for 30 Challenge:  Day 1.  Three and I went outside and played Transformers, then we were playing ball (tossing a beach ball back and forth) when a Bunny showed up!  He just came hopping into view, and didn't seem all that alarmed by our presence.  I'm thinking this is someone's pet rabbit...because he let us get VERY close, and even let me feed him and Three and I both got to touch him.  He hung around long enough for Four to get to see him, and attempt to feed him too!  He spent some time in our neighbors garden as well.  It was the highlight of our day.

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