Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lazy Housewife--NOT.

I'm making a special lunch for the boys!  Corn dog muffins, and a corn-free pigs in a blanket type muffin for Four.

For the Corn Dog Muffins (inspired by a Pin...yep, I'm so addicted to Pinterest,)  I'm making this:  and putting in our kosher all beef hotdogs. :)  Yum.

For the pigs in a blanket, I'm using my Homemade Baking Mix, which I made allergen free for my boy.  and putting in apple maple chicken sausage.  More Yum!

Neither is very complicated, honestly.  Even the laziest of housewives could pull this together.  I mean, I am doing it after all.  ;)

(Also, I'm feeling WAY less lazy lately.  I think this is a combination of exercise, eating better, sleeping more--Four has FINALLY slept through the night, every night for the last week!--and taking my vitamins--mostly Bcomplex.  Whatever it is, I'm loving feeling energetic.)
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