Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wordy Wednesday

I mentioned yesterday that I'm working on our scheduling.  We're not taking a summer break because we take a day here and a day there, and a week here and there all year long.  Also, after any length of time without some sort of intellectual stimuli my children become beasts (more-so than usual.)  It is just all around better for our family to keep at it.  I haven't revamped our schedule in awhile, but I've been recently giving it some thought.

Schedules don't work for every family, but for me, it really does help keep me focused on tasks that need to get done!  And, there are always tasks I need to get done. :)

Basically, the method I use is that I list out everything I NEED to get done in a day:  laundry, cleaning, school with the kids, exercise, shower, cooking, playing with the boys...etc.  And, then I throw in the things I WANT to do:  projects, planning, etc.

Then, I break the day down into intervals...and write in what I should do when.  I'm not militant about following it, and of course sometimes I get way way way off.  But, it's easy to just jump back in where the schedule says I should be.

For the next two months I'll be wrapping up "Pre-K" with Three.  I went through all my materials yesterday afternoon...ok, not ALL my materials, but what I had here in the cubby.  :)  I separated it by things I want to finish in Pre-K, and the things that are the making of a Kindergarten curriculum.  I'm so pleased with myself.  I'm a very goal-oriented person.  I also tossed a ton of stuff that I've been holding on to for YEARS, some of it was 2nd and 3rd grade stuff that I've been keeping around since One and Two used it.  I read something on an organizational blog about moving out the clutter to allow room for the really important things.  I wish I had taken a before picture of the cubbies, so that I could compare.  I'm very pleased and The Punk even commented on how good the room looked (and c'mon now, most men just don't notice that sort of thing.)

In the beginning of my schedule making (back when I was pregnant with Four,) I used the Managers of Their Homes book that I borrowed from a friend.  Now, I still use it for inspiration, and see it as a rough guide. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes control, and who can see it as a guide and an not read this book and allow it to make you feel defeated or 'less than' because of how much OTHER people are doing.  Be you.  Do you.  And do it well.

**I almost forgot my 30 days of Play challenge!  Well, I didn't forget the challenge, I just almost forgot that I had said I would share what we did.  Today, was simple again.  The boys just wanted to play catch and monkey in the middle with a beach ball in the front yard.  So, that's what we did.  It was fun.  I'm going to search through my "summer fun" board on Pinterest for something different for them to do tomorrow, but I make no guarantees that they won't choose catch again. :)  Four threw in some shape fun-pointing out that he, The Punk and I formed a triangle for throwing, and when Three joined us we made a square.  He asked if we could make a hexagon, but sadly, our other two 'corners' are spending a week with bio-dad.**

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