Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lazy Housewife

For dinner tonight....

Best Burger Recipe;  Changes I made:  I caramelized onions instead of using the onion powder.  I used a mix of ground beef and ground turkey because that's what I have in the freezer (we buy both at BJ's then mix them together.)  I don't think I had 2 lbs of meat, so they had a hard time staying together, since I didn't adjust the amount of bbq sauce (D'oh.)  Just the larger ones crumbled, the medium/smallish ones stayed together just fine.  Lesson learned.

Did my crew think these were the best burgers ever?

They got rave reviews!  I tweaked Four's burger (ya know, all those damned allergies!) but he got cheese, caramelized onions, salt and pepper and declared his burger the best ever!  This makes a mama happy.  The Punk and the other kids thought they were YUM-O!  We'll def do these again.

I also made homemade "fries."  Just cut up your potatoes, toss them in a bowl with salt, pepper, olive oil and bake on a cooling rack.  :)  Simple, and yummy.

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