Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Snapshots

I have a lot of snapshots this week, we hosted a "Messy Playdate,"  I shared the link a couple weeks ago.  We did several of the activities.  A blast was had.

Four loves swimming.  Baby fish.

Water colors.

Glow Sticks in the tub. (They are having a light saber fight here.)

We learned the characteristics of an insect.  And, did this butterfly craft.

Created a "habitat" for a plastic lizard.

He had a special yogurt treat.  He was super happy!

Spaghetti bin at our Messy Playdate!

Shaving cream fight (an addition to our messyplaydate.)

Sibling love....

This is The Bestie's eldest, with my big girls.  They had fun (even if The Bestie's daughter doesn't look like it. LOL)

Notice that they are all still armed (I forced them to pause for this picture...)  One, Two and a great friends One.  

Water Balloon bulls-eye, another addition to the messy playdate, an idea originated from my Summer Fun Pinterest Board.

The aftermath...thankfully, we had a great bunch of kids, and it cleaned up pretty easily with all those hands, and a hose.  *wink*

After the messy playdate (which was originally supposed to be for the WEE-ones, but I think the big kids gave them a run for their money-fun wise,) we took the Bigs skating.

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