Monday, July 30, 2012

Manic Monday

Today is the first day of Zoo Camp for Two.  She's attended this camp three years in the past, and volunteers with the zoo a couple times a year.  It's a fun, fun place but this year I'm excited for her as she has moved up to "Zoo Teens" and will have more real zoo experiences. Two's life goal (at least for the last couple years...) has been to be a zoo keeper and work with exotic animals so this is a truly great experience for her.  It makes me insanely happy.

I have Zumba, and the three others will play in childcare while I do that.  It's nice because the instructor's daughter is in there, and she's the same age as Three.  Since The Bestie's son isn't in there right now, it's nice to have someone else in there.  And, I get to wear my new skirt.

I have been working on some projects over the weekend.  New chore charts for the big kids-I mentioned that I needed to shake up One's world.  And, it has made me realize that they REALLY should help out more.  My mother in law and I had a conversation once, since she's the mother of 5 she has good opinions on the subject of running a "large" family.  I told her that I consider it my job to do it well...and her response was that "CEO's don't run companies alone."  She was telling me to enlist the help of the girls, and that was a couple years ago.  I don't want to give them "too much" as I have seen far too many examples of large families using their big kids as maids and nannies, and I have some strong personal opinions on that.  More on Wordy Wednesday about what I've been working on.

I am getting myself back together...back to where I once was....back to where I long to be again.  I know this to be true because:  my bedroom is CLEAN, I packed Two's lunch for camp LAST NIGHT, I got the snacks ready for the boys to eat in childcare LAST NIGHT, and my kitchen was clean before I went to sleep.  Ahhh, Shauna...I've missed you.

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