Friday, August 10, 2012

Flashback Friday.

We didn't do a lot this week.

Monday-Zumba. We had a sleepover.

Tuesday-We (The Bestie and I) took the kids-minus Four-to the mall for the afternoon. One an Two spent the night with my mom.

Wednesday-the girls spent all day at my moms.

Thursday-I don't remember anything exciting from yesterday! That says a lot huh?

Friday-everyone made a big trip to BJ's, everyone but me! As I have mentioned before, I LOATE shopping with the children and avoid it at all cost.

My computer is being less than compliant. The Punk replaced the fan but it keeps putting itself into stand by mode for no reason he nor I can figure out. Sometimes it is fine for an hour or more, then sometimes it goes Ito standby mode every minute or two until I'm ready to throw it against the wall.
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