Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wordy Wednesday

It may not be so wordy, as I'm still having to use only my phone.

My new chore system is working really smoothly and I'm loving it beyond all measure.

How I came up with it:

I found these great "To Do" list printables on Pinterest (check out my 'cleaning and organizing' board because I can't link via my phone. ) They print four to a page which works well for me since I needed two for each day for four days a week.

Then I made a 'master list' of things that I can delegate to One and Two. This will vary, of course, but my list includes:

Clean the hall bath
Clean their bedroom
Vacuum their brothers room
Clean the hallway walls
Help me sort the toy bins
Wipe down doorknobs and light switches

Then I broke it down by things that need to be done daily: dishwasher, , laundry, sweeping; and things that need to be done once a week.

Last I wrote out two lists for each day, in the morning the girls each pick a list. This also solves the problem of them always being the one to have to do a certain chore because this way it's a random draw.

We are halfway through the second week and my house looks great and I have been able to get an incredible amount of stuff done by having help in these areas.

Three's chores are simple: he helps put away toys, puts out the napkins and silverware for dinner and takes out the recycling, as well as the bathroom trash.

Four helps with toys and recycling and trash as well.

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