Monday, August 20, 2012

Manic Monday

So, with the boys at camp all last week....we didn't do a lot of "school."  We did a little here and there, but mostly because I'm anal about checklists and there are a handful of "preschool" things I wanted to get done before we officially start Kindergarten on the 27th.  I'm a psychopath (oddly enough, I've said this about myself three times today.)  Anyway...we did get to see my great-niece and great-nephew, and my oldest two nephews (one of whom is the father of said smalls that I got to spend the afternoon with.)  I heart babies, and my great-nephew is 14 months old...but I had forgotten how IN to EVERYTHING kids are at that age.  He ransacked our house.  His dad was fully apologetic, but I loved it, in reality.  I liked watching him check out all the "new" stuff (since he's not here very often it's ALL new!)  I also really loved watching him knock over the block towers his dad was building just as fast as he could.  It was FUN.  OH-and in BIG news, my 5 yr old great-niece finally likes me!  I won her over with Wedgits.  Word.

This weekend was rainy and grey, so we played a lot of board games.  We played Candy Land, and Hi-Ho-Cherry-O!  Uno-Moo is another favorite around here.  We tried Sorry...but we had already been playing games for awhile, and while Three was excited to give it a try (it says 6 and up on the box...we were breaking all the rules!) he didn't have the attention span for it by that point.  We will give it a shot again, soon, as a first option.

My baby isn't a baby anymore.  Last week, he gave up his nap.  It was the right choice.  He has been having a horrible time at bedtime...up and down, up and down for at least an hour every night.  I suggested we stop putting him down for a nap--the last few times it's happened because of other stuff, he hasn't been HORRIBLE in the evening--so it was worth a shot at least.  Turns out, I was right, he wasn't trying to be a pain in the ass.  He really just wasn't tired.  Since giving up the nap, he goes right to sleep at bedtime.  And, as an additional bonus, for the first time in almost 6 years, I don't have to work around a napping child!  The freedom is overwhelming.

My baby isn't a baby anymore.  Last week, I threw away all of our sippy cups.  *hangs head in shame*  Yes, my three years and three month old child still used a sippy cup.  In my defense, he had a cup at nap time, and a cup if we went OUT, but 95% of the time we were home he was drinking out of a regular cup.  He would ask for a sippy, but I've been a hard ass for the last couple months about switching him over.  Three didn't use a sippy cup anymore after he turned one.  But, I was hanging on to all things baby with this one...I have ruined him.  I know it.  But, it's whatever.  At his three year old checkup, the doc and I discussed his speech.  It's not horrible.  It's also not great.  *I* understand him probably 80% of the time, but people who aren't around him often have a harder time.  She said we could give it another 6 months (so, til Christmas) and if he still wasn't "on par" we'd give him some speech therapy.  I think part of the issue is the sippy's.  I mean, I could be grasping at straws, but I know that my neighbor's kids both needed speech therapy and the first thing she got yelled at for was the fact that they still drank from sippies!  Now, we did buy two straw cups (the speech therapist my neighbor's kids said those were fine because the way their mouth grips it is different) for when we go out and for when he has Green Goodness juice (because it is evergreen in color...and scary on my light carpet.)

Manic Monday officially starts back next week with the kick-off of our bowling league.  The older three kids will all be bowling for the league this year, and Four will do "tot bowling" since he gave up his naps last week.  

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