Thursday, August 16, 2012

Lazy Housewife Skinny Housewife

Lazy Housewife Dinner:

Angel Crockpot Chicken

I made this last night.  Sadly, that means that One and Two didn't try it, since they left just shy of dinner for a last minute sleepover with The Bestie's kids.  The three of us who ate it, enjoyed it.  I made it with out the mushrooms, because, alas they had gone bad (this happens to me A LOT with mushrooms, i need to remember to make the recipes with them EARLY in my meal plan.)  I don't think it will make it into my regular rotation, though.  It was good, but not wonderful.  It might be a quick, and easy go-to on occasion, but for me, it's not a "I want that again!" sort of recipe.  Try it out, see what you think. :)

Skinny Housewife/Allergy Mama

I made these chicken nuggets for my baby boy.  I was able to leave out the panko (just increased the number of regular breadcrumbs) and since they are not dipped in egg, they were safe for Four with just that one alteration.  I tried them, Two, and Three also tried them, and honest to goodness, these are so good we could have eaten the entire tray ourselves!  I froze them for easy, quick lunch or dinners.

Healthy Chicken Nuggets

I may go back and post a wordy Wednesday post, right now.  I spoke too soon about my computer, and yesterday I couldn't get it to stay awake all day!  This morning, it seems to be doing...ok *hesitant*
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